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SockMux -- Socket Multiplexer Protocol

[last-modified 2002Dec21] [created 2002Dec20]

SockMux is a newly developed tunneling protocol for inter-DeleGate communication with the following merits:

ports are connected and relayed for both direction over the tunnel, independently of the direction of tunnel establishment between DeleGate servers, This feature is not supported by SOCKS protocol.
the entrance and the exit of SockMux tunnel are controllable by usual parameters of DeleGate, PORT and (extended) SERVER parameter. Also DeleGate can be attached at the exit of a tunnel as a proxy server for relayed protocol, enabling arbitrary protocol proxies be tunneled via SockMux.
not only devices with socket type interface but also FIFO type devices can be used as a tunnel.
establishing a long distance TCP connection can take long time. Tunneling multiple connections on a persistent connection (as a tunnel) reduces the delay.
Privacy Enhancement
the communication on the tunnel can be encrypted by SSL with SSLway as a FCL/FSV filter.
After many years of not so successful experimental tunneling protocols for DeleGate, including Vehicle/Teleport, VSAP, ThruWay, SockMux is designed and implemented to be a protocol as simple as possible. The author expects that SockMux will supersede those unsuccessful protocols.

 clients -->*                 SockMux tunnel                 *--> servers
            +- DeleGate <========================> DeleGate -+
 servers <--*             a persistent connection            *<-- clients
                            on tcp/ip or fifo

Excerpt from Manual.htm of DeleGate/8.2.3

SockMux server

Yutaka Sato @ DeleGate.ORG