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Serving Huge Files Over 4GB by DeleGate

Yutaka Sato @ DeleGate.ORG
May 30, 2006

Serving huge files over 4GB via FTP or HTTP was supported in DeleGate/9.2.2. There were two fundamental issues solved in the version 9.2.2 to enable handling huge files:

Related issues reinforced in the version 9.2.2 to support huge data transfer are: Demo Site:
NOTE: Currently, this feature to manipulate files over 2GB is not enabled by default on several operating systems including Linux (maybe non-BSD origin OS) where "off_t" is in 32bits integer. To enable it, add "-DSTAT64" to the "CFLAGS" variable for "make", as follows for example.
    make CFLAGS="-DSTAT64 -O"
If you encountered a problem during the make, be sure that you are using a recent Gcc at least after 3.X. At least I succeeded it on RedHat9 (gcc 3.2.2) and Debian3.1 (gcc 3.3.5).
On Windows (with VC++), this feature is enabled by default. In other operating systems, including MacOSX, FreeBSD, and OSF/1, this feature is supported inherently.