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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / -Phost:port option
[CTX] [ALL] -Phost:port option
This option specifies on which entrance port DeleGate receives requests from clients. As a typical example, "-P8080" means it accepts request on TCP port numbered 8080 on any network interface belong to the host machine. When the host has multiple interfaces or multiple IP addresses assigned to a single physical interface, you can select one of them with the specification format -Phost:portNum, like "-Plocalhost:8080" for example. A DeleGate server can accept from multiple ports or (limited) multiple network interfaces by -Pport,port,...
When no host is specified, only IPv4 addresses are accepted. That is, -P8080 is the abbreviation of "-P0.0.0.0:8080". To specify IPv6 address here, substitute each colon symbol in the IPv6 address notation with an under score symbol. Fore example, "-P__:8080" means accepting at port 8080 with the wild card address of IPv6 "::". If necessary, a scope-ID can be specified with "%" symbol, like "-Pfe80__12_34%en0:8080" for example.
Note: See SRCIF as to selection of a source address of an outgoing connection.