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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / Overview
[CTX] [ALL] Overview
DeleGate is a multipurpose proxy server which relays various application protocols on TCP/IP or UDP/IP, including HTTP, FTP, Telnet, NNTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, LPR, LDAP, ICP, DNS, SSL, Socks, and more. DeleGate mediates communication between servers and clients where direct communication is impossible, inefficient, or inconvenient.

DeleGate works as an application level proxy which interprets relayed protocol (control sequence and data structure) between a client and a server; various value added services are realized for recognized protocol. Also DeleGate works as a circuit level proxy which literally conveys transmission between a client and a server of arbitrary protocols on TCP or UDP.

DeleGate can be used to enforce access control restricting remittable protocols, reachable servers, and acceptable clients. DeleGate forces delay for penalty on repetition of forbidden access, or make defense shutting down service and sending automatic reports to administrator on suspicion of attack. A basic logging on circuit level common to arbitrary protocol and protocol dependent logging in some common formats are supported for some protocols.