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Reference Manual of DeleGate

DeleGate reference manual version 9.9 / TimeCondition

TIME CONDITION ( -T.period )
A pseudo host name pattern with prefix "-T." at the top of it is used to specify a time period in a day.
"-T.period" matches if the current time is in the specified time period, where period is represented as "hour1-hour2" which means "from hour1:00:00 to hour2:59:59".


    PERMIT="*:-T.9-16:hostList1" PERMIT="*:-T.17-8:hostList2"
    // hostList1 is permitted during office hours whereas
    // hostList2 is permitted non-office hours.

The complete format of period is like this: [wW]HH[MM][-HH[MM]]. A time period in a week is represented with "wW" where W expresses a day in a week ranging from "0" to "6" according to Sunday through Saturday. Sunday can be expressed as "7" too for convenience.


    -T.w5-0 // Friday through Sunday
    -T.w5-7 // Friday through Sunday
    -T.w51730-10830 // from 5:30pm on Friday to 8:30am on Monday